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With its sprawling suburban developments, extensive shopping mall, and well-regarded public school system, the community of Springfield is ideal for families, commuters, and those who like convenience. Springfield also boasts close proximity to Washington D.C., Alexandria, and Arlington. But due to the travels of Springfield’s residents and the seasonal nature of local conditions, homeowners and business owners alike may easily find themselves victims of pest problems. At Bluebird Pest Solutions, we’re the trusted local experts when it comes to safe pest control. We blend our intimate knowledge of the area’s environment along with experienced technicians and Integrated Pest Management in order to provide Fairfax County pest control that works from season to season. When you choose Bluebird Pest Solutions, you’ll benefit from our outstanding customer support, flexible scheduling, and a pest-free guarantee that will restore your peace of mind. For more information on our services and to schedule your free, no-obligation inspection, contact us today. 

Home Pest Control In Springfield, VA

At Bluebird Pest Solutions, we know how stressful dealing with pest problems can be. From the property damage to the health risks and everything in between, the process can be a nightmare. That’s why we look to make your residential pest control journey with us as streamlined and straightforward as possible. We are dedicated to your success and satisfaction, which is why we work around the clock to meet your needs. Our expertly trained technicians are friendly, knowledgeable, and professional so you know you’ll always be receiving the highest quality of care. And with methods that are guided by Integrated Pest Management, we not only look to solve your current pest problems but also prevent new ones from developing. This system also means customizing our treatments to meet the needs of your property, so you’ll always get exactly what you need. In order to provide maximum coverage and maximum savings, we provide the following residential pest control plans:

  • Mosquito and Tick. With monthly treatments during mosquito and tick season, we’ll be able to get rid of adult populations while also preventing new generations from developing.

  • Premium. To keep your home safe from more than 40 common area pests, including rodents, we’ll treat the exterior of your home on a quarterly basis. This plan also comes with interior treatments as-needed and free re-services between regularly scheduled services until pest problems resolve.

  • Premium Plus. This plan provides the added benefits of an annual termite inspection and the use of the Trelona® ATBS Advance® Termite Baiting System to protect your home from one of the most costly pests around.

For more information on our services and pest-specific treatments, contact us today.

We offer ant control, spider control, and more in the Springfield, VA area.

Commercial Pest Control
In Springfield, VA

Your business could experience a pest problem at any point in time, which is why at Bluebird Pest Solutions, we’re committed to providing the highest quality of commercial pest control around the clock. We work with businesses of varying industries and backgrounds in order to ensure a pest-free environment for everyone involved. As a locally-owned company, we understand the local conditions unlike anyone else, and we blend that knowledge with years of experience and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in order to create the safe and reliable results that you need. Utilizing IPM also means that all of our commercial pest control treatment plans will be custom-tailored to your specific needs, down to your schedule and budget. When you partner with us, you’ll understand why so many businesses entrust their livelihoods to us. We strive for excellence in everything we do, which starts with your experience and success. To learn more about our offerings and how your business can benefit from them, contact us today. 

The Secret To Keeping Ticks Away From Your Springfield Yard

Ticks are dangerous parasites that have the ability to risk the health of individuals and their pets. The ticks in Springfield are known to carry Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever; however, if you’re bitten by a tick, it’s impossible to know whether or not they’re infected with the bacteria that cause these illnesses. DIY techniques are not fail-proof and your health is not something you want to risk. That’s why the secret to effective tick control is professional assistance from Bluebird Pest Solutions. From the months of March through October we’ll treat your property, including landscaping and harborage sites, on a monthly basis. This process seeks to get rid of adult populations while also preventing new issues from arising. We’ll also make professional recommendations for environmental changes that you can make, like ideal lawn heights. For more information on reliable tick control, contact us today.

What To Do About Termites On Your Springfield Property

Each year, termites cost American homeowners a collective average of five billion dollars in damage. This is able to occur because the average individual either doesn’t know how to prevent termite problems or simply doesn’t know that they have an active colony. DIY termite control techniques are costly, tedious, and very rarely handle the entire situation. That’s why the most reliable form of termite control is with professional assistance from Bluebird Pest Solutions. We provide free initial inspections and treatments that utilize the Trelona® ATBS Advance® Termite Baiting System. We’ll closely monitor your treatments to ensure a termite-free environment and all of our services come with an extendable one-year warranty. For more information on termite control that you can rely on, contact us today. 

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