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Washington’s first home along the Potomac River. Steeped in history, Lorton also faces many of the same challenges their forefathers did, including ongoing pest activity.  Helping to protect residential and commercial properties in Lorton, Bluebird Pest Solutions is standing by to help at any time. Armed with cutting-edge treatments and more than eight years of professional experience, there’s no pest situation we can’t remediate. Call today to request a free quote! 

Residential Pest Control In Lorton, VA

Bluebird Pest Solutions is Lorton, VA’s premier provider of residential pest control. By relying on a proven three-step plan, we ensure that pests are entirely removed from your property within a few treatments or less. 

Here’s what a residential pest control program might look like on your property: 

  • An initial inspection that covers the interior and exterior of the home.

  • Traditional or alternative treatments that eliminate pests without risking your health and wellness.

  • Follow-up visitations that prove all pests have been removed (or we re-treat for free)! 

Bluebird Pest Solutions is proud to be a leading provider of residential pest control for families of all needs. Please send us a contact form today to start designing a plan that’s right for you. 

Commercial Pest Control
In Lorton, VA

No matter what industry your business operates in, you can trust the team behind Bluebird Pest Solutions to deliver outstanding commercial pest control solutions at affordable prices. No business deserves to be without a pest plan, which is why we offer unique methods of prevention and mitigation that defend your bottom line. 

After you call our Lorton, Virginia office, we can immediately begin the process of preparing your first treatment plan. To date, Bluebird Pest Solutions has served a wide variety of industries, including: 

  • Daycare Facilities

  • Healthcare Organizations

  • Retail Outlets

  • Manufacturing Warehouses

  • Dining Establishments 

To request commercial pest control for your industry or to discover the other industries we serve, please submit an online contact form to Bluebird Pest Solutions. 

Why Lorton Homeowners Should Avoid Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Rodent Control

Because rats and mice are such common invaders of Lorton homes, many property owners choose to use DIY controls to limit rodent numbers. Many people don’t know that rodent control isn’t just a one-time treatment but a long-term, daily process that requires close attention to detail. As you might imagine, many DIY or over-the-counter (OTC) treatments fail to make any meaningful difference for the vast majority of Lorton property owners. 

Here are a few other reasons why Lorton homeowners should avoid DIY rodent control:

  • Many over-the-counter rodent treatments are extremely expensive and require several treatments to implement.

  • Some rodents are intelligent enough to avoid certain traps and baits; therefore, you are wasting your hard-earned money.

  • Certain rodent species may be protected by law and are illegal to exterminate or relocate without proper licensing.

  • Many rodent control products are gimmicks, including scent sprays, decoy cats, and high-pitched frequency machines.

  • If misapplied, some rodent treatments may be highly harmful to human health. 

DIY rodent control has its place, but it should never be relied upon to eliminate an entire infestation. When the time comes to protect your home the right way, choose the team at Bluebird Pest Solutions to get results fast. Get started on your first treatment right away by calling our Virginia office now. 

What The Experts Have To Say About Tick Control In Lorton

According to expert knowledge about the tick activity in Morton, home and business owners alike should be prepared for a difficult season. Tick species are beginning to grow in number and are carrying more serious diseases than ever before. A shortlist of tick-borne illnesses includes Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, and anaplasmosis. A single tick bite can completely change the way your body functions. Some people who have suffered tick bites cannot consume red meat or other animal products, sometimes for many years on end.  

To keep ticks far away from your Lorton property, it would be wise to follow some professionally vetted tips. These include: 

Mow the grass frequently to reduce tick harborage zones.

Trim the vegetation and long tree branches to prevent ticks from crawling into the house.

Keep wildlife creatures away by removing food sources, pooling water, and eliminating unnecessary shelter.

Retain ongoing prevention programs from Bluebird Pest Solutions.

At Bluebird Pest Solutions, our client’s safety is our top priority. Get rid of tick populations fast when you call our Virginia office right away. We’re looking forward to developing solutions that work best for you

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