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What was once a historic area in Virginia’s history, Fairfax is now a bustling metropolitan suburb. Given the city’s proximity to Washington, D.C., along with well-regarded public schools, and plenty of amenities and attractions, Fairfax has developed into one of the area’s most desirable locales for families as well as working professionals who commute. Fairfax is home to mild conditions throughout the year but given this fact along with a constant stream of travelers, pest problems abound in this area.

At Bluebird Pest Solutions, we look to outsmart the local climate and provide Fairfax County pest control that you can trust from season to season. We’re able to make this a reality by combining our years of experience, knowledge of our community, and Integrated Pest Management methods, the result being reliable pest control that works no matter the time of year. And when you entrust your pest control needs to us, you will benefit from our unparalleled customer service, attention to detail, and pest-free guarantee with every service. For more information on our pest control offerings, contact us today.

Home Pest Control In Fairfax, VA

When pest problems happen in your Fairfax home, they can feel like a violation. And while they may seem unavoidable, with residential pest control from Bluebird Pest Solutions, they can be conquered. We provide local homeowners with pest control solutions that are both corrective and preventive. In order to create a pest-free living environment, we turn to Integrated Pest Management methods. This system means that you will always receive the industry’s gold standard in care as well as long-lasting results that will carry you from season to season. In order to maximize your savings and coverage, we provide three residential pest control plans that can be customized to your specific needs:

  • Premium. To protect your home from over 40 common area pests, we treat the outside of your property four times a year, with interior services as needed.

  • Premium Plus. With this plan, you’ll receive everything that comes standard in our Premium plan with the added benefit of termite protection.

  • Mosquito and Tick. This plan provides monthly exterior treatments between March and October to eradicate adult populations and prevent new ones from cropping up.

For more information on our services and to schedule your free, no-obligation inspection, contact us today.

Commercial Pest Control
In Fairfax, VA

At Bluebird Pest Solutions, we provide commercial pest control that keeps your business protected from dangerous and damaging pests all year long. With our intimate knowledge of local conditions, years of experience, and Integrated Pest Management, we’re able to make this possible. Every step of your journey with us will be customized to your unique needs, from your detailed inspection through your treatment plan and maintenance schedule. Everything we do at Bluebird Pest Solutions is geared at ensuring your success. For more information on our commercial pest control programs and how your business can benefit from them, contact us today.

The Answers To Fairfax's Most Commonly Asked Tick Questions

With ticks being very common in Fairfax, there are certain things that residents should know. Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions about local ticks:

  • Are the ticks around my house dangerous? While it’s not possible to tell simply by looking at a tick if they’re a carrier of Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever, anywhere up to 50% of local ticks may be carrying bacteria that leads to these illnesses.

  • Is there anything that I can do to my property to make it less attractive to ticks? Absolutely. Things like cutting down your lawn, removing yard debris, and not overwatering your greenery and soil are great places to start.

  • What are some other ways that I can prevent ticks on my property? If you have pets that spend time outside, consider speaking with your veterinarian about year-round flea and tick control. It’s also important to limit wildlife and rodent populations, as they are very common carriers for these parasites.

  • Is there anything I can do to make myself less attractive to ticks or limit my exposure to them? Seek to spend less time in tall grass, but if you are outside, wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants in light colors and apply EPA-approved products like DEET.

  • What’s the most effective way to keep ticks away? Professional tick control is the most reliable and safest answer to protecting your household from ticks.

At Bluebird Pest Solutions, we provide seasonal tick control that keeps your property safe from these potentially dangerous pests. We treat your property every month between March and October to remove adult populations as well as larvae. For more information on tick control that you can rely on, contact us today. 

How to Tell If Your Fairfax Home Has a Termite Problem

Termite problems impact roughly 600,000 homes across America each year, with damages totaling five billion dollars. These issues are able to grow so vast because of where the majority of termite damage takes place, which is inside your walls and foundation. With the average termite problem going undetected for 18 months, knowing the signs of activity is so important. Some of the telltale signs of termite damage include:


Hollow-sounding walls

Swollen ceilings

Bubbling paint and wallpaper

Piles of discarded wings

The presence of mud tubes and mazes

At Bluebird Pest Solutions, we provide comprehensive termite control that you can trust. With annual termite inspections, the Trelona® ATBS Advance® Termite Baiting System, and Wood-Destroying Insect Reports, we protect every angle of your home. All of our termite control services come with an extendable one-year warranty for further peace of mind. For more information on keeping termites out of your home, contact us today.

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