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Approximately 20 miles west of Washington D.C., the community of Centreville provides residents with eclectic restaurants, well-kept parks, and well-regarded public schools. And with access to natural beauty like the Manassas National Battlefield Park, opportunities for time spent outside abound. But while many people appreciate the temperate seasonal conditions that Centreville provides, this is actually the reason behind many pest problems that occur. In order to beat the odds, Bluebird Pest Solutions provides Fairfax County pest control that is founded in Integrated Pest Management. These methods allow us to customize our approach to every customer we service and monitor the effectiveness of each treatment to incredible detail. And at Bluebird Pest Solutions, we pride ourselves on always putting your needs first and working tirelessly to ensure your satisfaction. For more information on our offerings, contact us today. 

Home Pest Control In Centreville, VA

At Bluebird Pest Solutions, we are dedicated to keeping your Centreville home pest-free with comprehensive residential pest control. As a locally-owned business, we’re experts in our community’s environment, which we combine with our years of experience and Integrated Pest Management methods in order to create a pest-free living environment for you. We always begin with a detailed inspection in order to correctly identify pests and assess any conducive conditions. From there, we utilize any one of our residential pest control programs or pest-specific offerings in order to best serve your needs. And as one of our customers, you’ll always receive the highest quality of customer support, a pest-free guarantee, and restored peace of mind. For more information on our offerings, contact us today.

Commercial Pest Control
In Centreville, VA

When pest infestations happen in Centreville businesses, they can cause significant property damage and put the health of everyone in your property at risk. That’s why at Bluebird Pest Solutions we provide commercial pest control that is safe and effective. By blending our years of experience, in-depth knowledge of the local environment, and Integrated Pest Management methods, we’re able to customize treatment plans that are suited to the most specific of your needs. And Integrated Pest Management also means that we will monitor the results of your treatments very closely and adapt them on an as-needed basis. All of our services are guaranteed and your customer journey will always begin a free inspection and estimate. When you partner with us for your commercial pest control needs, you’ll benefit from our superior customer service, dedication to your success, and keen attention to detail. Whether your business could benefit from corrective services or proactive measures, contact us today. 

Rodent Control: What Centreville Property Owners Need To Know

Rodents like mice and rats are very dangerous pests for Centreville property owners, as they cause significant property damage and spread illnesses like hantavirus and tularemia. Here’s everything that you need to know about limiting rodents on your property:

Seal up cracks in your foundation with sheet metal, silicone-based caulk, wire mesh, and steel wool.

Trim back overhanging tree branches and hedges.

Store food in airtight containers.

Clean up spills and crumbs thoroughly.

Keep crawl spaces, attics, and basements well-ventilated.

At Bluebird Pest Solutions, we provide safe and reliable rodent control that you can trust season after season. By utilizing Integrated Pest Management methods, we focus on structural changes like exclusion in order to keep your home protected from these pests. For more information on year round rodent control, contact us today.

How To Control Ticks On Centreville Properties

The ticks in Centreville have the potential to be very dangerous, and when you spot a tick, there’s no way to tell whether or not that individual pest can harm you. In order to control ticks on your property, try these tips:

  • Mow your grass often, keeping it at a short length.

  • Remove all tree branches, shrub trimmings, leaf piles, and other debris from your yard.

  • Limit rodent and wildlife populations on your property.

  • If you have cats and dogs, speak with your veterinarian about year-round tick and flea control.

  • Avoid overwatering your lawn and soil.

  • Always stack log piles neatly and ensure that they’re dry.

  • Trim back landscaping to increase sunlight.

For tick control that protects your property during peak season, enlist the professional services of Bluebird Pest Solutions. Between the months of March and October, we’ll treat your property every four weeks in order to eradicate adult ticks as well as prevent larvae from developing. For more information on tick control, contact us today. 

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