A Guide To Ticks And Lyme Disease In Fairfax

In this country, there are plenty of pests that cause trouble, including disease transmission. One of the most severe diseases comes from the deer tick. Deer ticks are commonly associated with Lyme disease. However, while they are associated with the disease, deer ticks are merely carriers of Lyme disease, not the cause.

Regardless of how much they cause the disease or not, it’s important to understand exactly how a tick manages to get inside to cause problems. Only when that’s understood can people safely and reliably prevent a tick infestation on their Fairfax property.

How Ticks Find You

Ticks don’t get attached to you or other people on their own. Unlike many other pests, this one has to attach itself to a host that gets too close. In other words, they’re hitchhikers and will gladly hitch a ride until they get access to the blood source they desire. Most commonly, they attach themselves to other animals, including your pets in the yard. Their bite occurs unnoticed, which ensures they can stick around for a long time. Once latched, they will feed until they’re full.

Ticks attach themselves to people thanks to contact made with the other animals. When you pet your dog or cat, you open yourself to the possibility of a tick attaching itself to your skin. While they can travel across the body quickly, they prefer moist or warm places on your body such as the groin, scalp, and armpits. These are common sites for a tick bite.

In addition to Lyme disease, ticks can carry other diseases like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, and many other diseases. If you experience any symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, headache, muscle pain, joint pain, or weakness, it’s vital to see a doctor quickly. This goes double if you do notice a tick on you or a bite.

Tips For Effective Tick Prevention

Since ticks are tiny and can reproduce quickly, it’s always better to focus on tick prevention instead of tick control. The best way to prevent ticks and minimize hitchhiking is to ensure your property isn’t tick-friendly.

Make sure to follow these tips for your best chance of success:

Keep Ticks Away With Bluebird Pest Solutions

Preventing a pest infestation is an important task, especially when it’s a season that’s friendly to ticks. However, doing so requires the proper equipment, experience, and knowledge. Our team at Bluebird Pest Solutions understands the importance of supporting customers. We pride ourselves on quality service, effective communication, and affordable prices.

Do you fear you have a tick problem? Then give our team at Bluebird Pest Solutions a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional tick prevention services. 

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