The Best Way To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Fairfax, VA Property

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The majority of insects and creatures aggravate people, but mosquitoes would probably top a list of those most annoying. If you dare to go outdoors, these bugs are almost guaranteed to flock to you. They will put in a persistent effort to get to your skin and absorb your blood. If they reach their goal, you’ll undoubtedly have red bites all over your body. The welts will be so itchy, you won’t be able to keep yourself from scratching them. That’s not even the worst of it though.

Mosquitoes withdraw fluid from animals and humans. As a result, an array of diseases can be transmitted. This is why many relevant experts have called these insects the most lethal in the world. It’s a challenge to keep them away since they are drawn to natural elements we can’t manipulate. Learn how to get around this with Bluebird Pest Solutions in Fairfax, VA

How Do Mosquitoes Behave? What Are the Dangers?

Mosquitoes are generally 0.12 to 0.35 of an inch long, as their name means “little fly.” They have scaly bodies outlined by pronounced noses, thin legs, and wings. Only the female bugs suck blood, as it bolsters the production of their eggs. Water is also something they rely on, but the entire population requires it to live. This explains why groups of them constantly swarm around standing pools. Larvae specifically take in their organisms. Another thing mosquitoes feed on is nectar. When you consider these facts as a whole, it makes it clear that homes and businesses near lush greenery and bodies of water will be targets. For example, gardens, forests, lakes, ponds, and meadows. Approximately 3,500 species exist.

If mosquitoes don’t come in through open windows and doors, they’ll enter your space from the surrounding crevices. Eventually, they’ll land in a quiet and dark area, like a closet. This is to ensure they won’t be found. If the spot in question has a moisture source, such as a laundry room, it’s a nice plus for them. Of course, seeing these bugs flutter about is a sign of infestation. The other obvious indicator is recurring bites on your skin.

Some important details about the illnesses mosquitoes distribute are:

How Can You Prevent Mosquitoes?

Do these things to reduce the likelihood of a mosquito issue:

What Will Bluebird Pest Solutions Do About Mosquitoes?

While the aforementioned prevention suggestions can be effective, there are boundaries to them. Case in point, flames from candles or torches emit an attracting carbon monoxide. If you look to retail insecticides or sprays, they could be very weak or toxic. It’s best to contact us at Bluebird Pest Solutions. We have industrial-grade treatments that are completely safe. Neither your vegetation nor your health will be at risk. Our technicians are trained and skilled. Call today at Bluebird Pest Solutions for a free estimate!

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