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Since 1699, Falls Church has been one of the most historic settlements in the state of Virginia. In roughly three hundred years, the city has grown from a few dozen families to more than 12,332 people. This rapid growth has presented the town with several unique challenges, notably in pest control.

To reduce the risks associated with residential or commercial pests, Falls Church residents rely on Bluebird Pest Solutions for a job well done. Schedule the treatment service you need in less than 15 minutes by calling our Fairfax office location today. 

Home Pest Control In Falls Church, VA

Your home, family, and loved ones deserve long-term protection from pests. But when serious issues break out across your property, do-it-yourself (DIY) techniques and over-the-counter treatments will no longer be enough to keep them safe.

At Bluebird Pest Solutions, we have more than seven years of experience helping homeowners find the perfect pest control program for their needs. We currently offer three specialized plans that fit a wide variety of pest types and family needs. They include: 

  • Premium
  • Premium Plus
  • Mosquito & Tick 

Call today to inquire about one of our residential pest control programs, or complete our contact form to discuss customized options. 

Commercial Pest Control
In Falls Church, VA

Maintaining the safety of your Falls Church business isn’t just important – it’s vital to the success of your brand, reputation, and bottom line. The appearance of a single pest has the potential to dramatically reduce your chances of closing deals, impressing customers, and ultimately improving word-of-mouth sales.

As a small business, Bluebird Pest Solutions understands the barriers for companies suffering from cyclical pest infestations. To help combat these concerns, we provide long-lasting commercial pest control programs that stop infestations in their tracks.

  • Natural and traditional pest treatments
  • Integrated Pest Management  (IPM) Solutions
  • Emergency treatment services are available 

Please request a free quote on your next customized commercial pest control plan by submitting our online contact form. 

Mosquito Control: What Falls Church Property Owners Ought To Know

Although the Internet may tell you otherwise, mosquito control around Falls Church is anything but straightforward. Because these pests can build up over time and spawn an exponential number of eggs, it may take months of professional-grade treatments to truly eliminate them from your property. Not only are these common animals dangerous and unwanted disease vectors, but they can significantly impact the health and wellness of your family.

Below are a few other things Falls Church property owners ought to know about mosquito control:

Over-the-counter mosquito treatments are not only dangerous to apply, but they may not destroy the entire mosquito infestation in your lawn.

Mosquitoes are considered some of the most dangerous animals on earth and can spread diseases that cause extreme suffering or hospitalization.

The best form of mosquito control is always found in long-term, seasonal applications from a professional pest control company.

If you are concerned about the potential appearance of mosquitoes in your lawn, look no further than the knowledgeable professionals at Bluebird Pest Solutions. Our team is fully equipped to mitigate your concerns with years of experience using highly vetted mosquito treatments within a few quick applications. Call now to receive your free mosquito control quote immediately. 

When To Call The Pros For Ant Control In Your Falls Church Home

Many Falls Church property owners underestimate the true impact of the humble ant. Although the vast majority of ant infestations take place outside of the home, these creatures can march into bathrooms, kitchens, and other food prep spaces with ease.

Their silent dispositions allow them to infest in large quantities, providing them with the opportunity to contaminate food sources, water puddles, and any ingredients. Left to their own devices, these pests may spread diseases, bacteria, and even parasite eggs from place to place.

Because ants are such common pests, it can be challenging to know when to call in the pros for ant control around your Falls Church property. Refer to the signs and symptoms below to determine whether or not to call a professional exterminator: 

  1. You have spotted a large line of ants in the kitchen, bathroom, or other rooms.
  2. There are large and unsightly ant hills in the front or backyard.
  3. You are noticing food items that have been pilfered or picked apart by ants.
  4. You have found hollowed wood or frass piles (applies to carpenter ants).
  5. You are consistently receiving ant bites or stings. 

Since the beginning of our business, the team at Bluebird Pest Solutions has been committed to developing long-term ant solutions for home and business owners alike. Request a free quote on your next ant control service by calling our Falls Church office today. 

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