All About The Fascinating Ants Of Woodbridge

Despite the distress that they cause when they invade your home, ants can be fascinating insects to encounter. In order to make ant control in Woodbridge more effective, it is important to learn about ants and their habits – this makes tailoring ant control solutions much easier. In addition to these ant facts, Woodbridge pest control can help you address and remove ant infestations.

The Remarkable
Self-Organization of Ants

Ants are some of the most interesting insects to study, especially when you consider their remarkable self-organizational abilities. Ant colonies are often very large and contain many moving parts and different castes. Ants use castes to help them properly construct their nests, gather food, and protect the members of the colony.

Studies reveal that ants use pheromones to help guide other ants to the correct building spots or food sources and encourage certain movements around the nests. When bringing back materials to build with or scavenging food, each ant will leave behind a pheromone scent trail for other ants, which helps organize the colony and makes them highly efficient in their daily activities.

What Do Ants Nests Look Like?

The appearance of an ant nest varies by species, but there are three main types of ants nests that you could encounter around your Woodbridge property. We list these below, along with some distinctive characteristics you can look for.

The most effective ant pest control will address the type of nest and ant species you are encountering, resulting in highly efficient ant control in your house and ant control in your yard. Bluebird Pest Solutions can answer any additional questions you may have about our ant control solutions.

Ant Architects: How Do Ants
Construct Their Nests?

Ants are experts at working together to build both simple or elaborate nests, either underground or in wooden structures. Worker ants construct these nests using their strong mandibles to tunnel through wood or soil. This activity results in the excess dirt you see above ground around ant nests or the frass you may see as part of an ant infestation in a wood structure on your property.

As these ant nests expand, the workers will create ventilation points to maintain an even temperature and multiple entry points. The nest, as it grows, will have plenty of space for worker ants to move about and a way for the colony to escape any potential threat. Ant nests will continue expanding as the colony grows, creating serious problems when these nests are on your property.

Ant Control For Woodbridge Residents

The answer to your ant infestation woes is the best pest control company for ants in Woodbridge – Bluebird Pest Solutions. Our expert technicians can easily identify your ant problem and determine its scale and severity. From there, we will tailor ant treatment solutions to meet your property’s needs so that you can reclaim your property from ants in no time.

Contact us today to learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control services, and how to eliminate ant infestations and prevent these fascinating yet troublesome pests from returning.

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